Published Papers:

  1. Genetic Algorithms for Scheduling ExaminationsThe range of problems to which genetic algorithms have been applied is quite broad. Timetable scheduling is a complex optimization problem. The purpose is to solve this problem by using genetic algorithms. The…Farshid HajatiAlireza Rezaee
  2. Solving Job Scheduling Problem Using Genetic AlgorithmThe efficient scheduling of independent computational jobs in a computing environment is an important problem where there are some deadlines for each job to become complete. Finding optimal schedules for such …Soheila GheisariAlireza Rezaee
  3. A Cloud-Based Mobile Application for Women with Gestational Diabetes The widespread presence of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is increasing in recent years. Women with GDM have to continuously monitor their blood glucose levels to reduce pregnancy risks. Existing practice Mahmoud ElkhodrShobana Ashokkumar