The 2nd International Workshop on Internet of Everything and Machine Learning Applications (IOEMLA-2019) in conjunction with 33rd International Conference on
Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA-2019)

Kunibiki Messe, Matsue, Japan
March 27 to March 29, 2019

Workshop Co-Chairs:

Omid Ameri Sianaki, Victoria University, Australia

Program Committee:

Elizabeth Chang, UNSW Canberra, Australia
Vidyasagar Potdar, Curtin University, Australia
Mehregan Mahdavi, Victoria University, Australia
Thomas Houghton, Curtin University, Australia
Yuan Miao, Victoria University, Australia
Jakub Szajman, Victoria University, Australia
Seyed Shahrestani, Western Sydney University, Australia
Gitesh Raikundalia, Victoria University, Australia
Javid Taheri, Karlstad University, Sweden
Jia Rong, Victoria University, Australia
Anwaar Ulhaq, Victoria University, Australia
Khandakar Ahmed, Victoria University, Australia
Farshid Hajati, Griffith University, Australia
Ashkan Yusefi, UC Berkeley, USA
Maruf Chowdhury, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Nedal Ababneh, lyIT, Irland

Workshop Proceeding

The 2nd International Workshop on Internet of Everything and Machine Learning Applications (IOEMLA-2019)

  1. Source Codes Classification Using a Modified Instruction Count PassOmar Darwish, Majdi Maabreh, Ola Karajeh, Belal AlsinglawiPages 897-906
  2. Predictive Analytics and Deep Learning Techniques in Electronic Medical Records: Recent Advancements and Future DirectionBelal Alsinglawi, Omar MubinPages 907-914
  3. Big Data Analytics for Electricity Price ForecastAshkan Yousefi, Omid Ameri Sianaki, Tony JanPages 915-922
  4. Queue Formation Augmented with Particle Swarm Optimisation to Improve Waiting Time in Airport Security ScreeningMohamad Naji, Ahmed Al-Ani, Ali Braytee, Ali Anaissi, Paul KennedyPages 923-935
  5. Polar Topographic Derivatives for 3D Face Recognition: Application to Internet of Things SecurityFarshid Hajati, Ali Cheraghian, Omid Ameri Sianaki, Behnam Zeinali, Soheila GheisariPages 936-945
  6. A Survey on Conversational Agents/Chatbots Classification and Design TechniquesShafquat Hussain, Omid Ameri Sianaki, Nedal AbabnehPages 946-956
  7. Dimensionality Reduction for Network Anomalies Detection: A Deep Learning ApproachAhmed Dawoud, Seyed Shahristani, Chun RaunPages 957-965
  8. Blockchain: A Research Framework for Data Security and PrivacyFarhad Daneshgar, Omid Ameri Sianaki, Prabhat GuruwacharyaPages 966-974
  9. Environmental Monitoring Intelligent System Using Wireless Nanosensor NetworksNedal Ababneh, Omid Ameri Sianaki, Shafquat HussainPages 975-982